Automotive upholstery

Car upholstery for Sydney

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Better than stock

We have made a habit of exceeding our client’s expectations. When your car leaves our garage, your seats and panels will be superior to anything a manufacturer could provide. Leave your boring interior behind—get something that’s thrilling every time you drive.

Custom, seamless upgrades

Custom seat refurbishments

Our team will take deteriorated, ugly cushions and make them beautiful and comfortable again. When we are through installing your new, high-quality products, you won’t believe the difference. Once you take a seat, you’ll never want to leave!
Examples of our custom automotive upholstery in Sydney
steering wheel

We are carbon fibre specialists

We offer custom carbon fibre panels and steering wheels for unmatched prices. Our staff are experts at matching designs to your existing interior, so you’re never left with something that looks tacky. Take your vehicle to the next level with these premium components.

Restore vintage vehicle’s interior

Whether your vehicle has sentimental value or you just prefer classic styles, we have your back. Our team will listen to your desires and requirements and tailor our services to match. With our help, you will preserve your memories whilst enjoying a new, comfortable, beautiful interior. 
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